I have been involved in motor sport as a competitor, organiser and photographer for over 35 years. In my early days taking pictures I worked mainly in black & white prints and colour slides. Some of these early pictures are included in the ‘Archive’ gallery. My main interests in the sport are Rallying and Sporting Trials and this is reflected in the pictures on the ‘Gallery’ pages, although pictures from other branches of the sport and other motor sport related subjects are also included. My first WRC rally was the 1981 Acropolis and I returned for the 30th aniversary in 2011. To mark the occasion I have included a greater number of pictures from the event than normal in the WRC gallery while pictures from the 1981 event can be seen under the archive section.

As a general rule, I show a small number of different pictures from an event rather than a large number of similar pictures, as is often seen on motorsport sites. Therefore for each event I aim to keep the number of pictures of any one location/angle to a minimum and similarly try not to repeat pictures of any competitor. This should make the site more interesting to the viewer.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and if you are looking for a picture of a particular competitor at a featured event please contact me through the ‘contact’ page as I have a large number of pictures on file.

The Rally Driver

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